Did you get the right answers?

  1. The advert says full time and then says it may vary.  Anything over 48 hours would be a breach of Working Time Regulations(unless you opt out).  However, you know that you are an employee with guaranteed 16 hours).

  2. What is an early start and a late finish?

  3. NMW means National Minimum Wage, but not everyone knows how much that is and it varies over time and depending on your age.

  4. "Mature" - This is age discrimination and cannot be included in an advert.

  5. "Start bonus" unclear process, likely to result in error (and non-payment), appears to read like a scam!  Would be surprised if get paid “start bonus”.

  6. "Current Photograph" - Discrimination claim waiting to happen, (un) conscious bias against: - women, race, age, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, gender reassignment, religion and belief.