Sick Pay

Posted by Julia Roxan on 9 May 2017

“I took 7 days off work for flu and my employer won’t give me sick pay. I usually work 21 hours in a warehouse but I’m on a flexible contract so my shifts moved round. I called in sick and they took me off the rota for a couple of weeks, and are saying that I won’t be paid. Is this right?”

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Exiting mobile phone contract

Posted by Julia Roxan on 4 April 2017

“I recently signed a two year phone contract with a new network provider but the reception in my home is terrible. Is there any way I can get out of the contract, or have I just got to stick with it?”

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Just made redundant and avoiding debt

Posted by Julia Roxan on 31 January 2017

"I was made redundant last month and I've already started to fall behind on my bills. I'm looking for work, but is there anything else I can do so I don't end up in debt?"

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