trustThe bureau is an independent charity and a company, and is governed by a Board of Trustees. The trustees are ultimately responsible for the quality and range of the service. Day to day control is delegated to the bureau manager, but trustees:

  • Set the overall direction and support the development of the bureau;
  • Ensure the bureau meets the needs of the local community and the Citizens Advice membership standards;
  • Employ bureau staff and control bureau finances;
  • Earn and retain the respect of important and influential people and organisations in the community, including funding bodies;
  • Ensure the bureau complies with relevant laws.


Purpose of the role: To guide the strategic direction and governance of the bureau. Each individual member of the trustee board has a responsibility to contribute to the discharging of board duties.

Personal skills and qualities: commitment and availability to attend bureau trustee board meetings, willingness to gain knowledge of local needs and resources, willingness and ability to act in the best interests of the bureau and willingness to participate in democratic process which develops CAB policies by area and nationally.

The Trustee Board needs people from all sections of the community with a wide range of skills, experience and perspectives. The Trustee Board meets at times convenient to its members, making this a flexible role, which trustees often fit around a full-time job.


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